Caring For Each Other! (Catalan: Cuidem-nos!)

Ages: 6-18

Description of the practice

This is a 360º inclusive mental care project for primary and secondary schools in Catalonia (Spain). The project proposes MindFulness techniques for young students and it aims to help their families cope with post-pandemic emotional stress. The school "Escola Mercè Rodoreda" (Barcelona, Spain) is participating in the project with their "Let's Prosper Together - Take Care for Each Other", in Catalan: "Prosperem Junts, Cuidem-nos!"


  • Country: Spain

Example of Implementation

The European Union,  concerned for the next generation of citizens, is willing to support children across Europe and worldwide with Mental Health Educational Programmes.
Primary and secondary schools in Catalonia (Spain) are creating their initiatives to help the most vulnerable students overcome post-pandemic sadness, fears, and insecurities.

The "Escola Mercè Rodoreda" in Catalonia is working with teachers, students, and families to create an inclusive educational climate, equity support, and emotional strength for everybody at school.

Their project "Prosperem Junts, Cuidem-nos!" includes a 360º approach to promote social cohesion and educational inclusion with Mindfulness and Lifelong Learning Strategies.

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