ClassWide Peer Tutoring (CWPT)

Ages: 6-12

Description of the practice

ClassWide Peer Tutoring (CWPT) is an instructional model where students are instructed to help each other practice reading skills. This practical map offers tools to use this form of collaborative learning as effectively as possible. The teaching method is intended to further practice the material already covered and is an addition to the regular instruction. By adding a game element where students can earn points, every student is encouraged to participate actively. Moreover, research shows that the positive effects are (almost) as great as for one-on-one tutoring by a tutor!


  • Country: Netherlands

Example of Implementation

In the first 10-minute round, one of the two students begins as a tutor. When the instruction is given to begin, the tutor presents a word, and the other student says the word and spells it by writing it on paper. The tutor checks the student's answer and gives 2 points if correct or immediately corrects the mistake by showing the correct answer and shows the student practice it three times. The tutor then presents the next word. After the first 10 minutes, the students switch roles: the tutor becomes the student, the student becomes the tutor. Now the second 10-minute round starts. Afterall the full 20 minute session students report points to the teacher, who adds up the points per team. An English manual is available “Together we can” (Greenwood,
Delquadri, & Carta, 1997).

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