Enhancing concepts and meanings: changing mindsets

Ages: 18-99

Description of the practice

This article includes reflections on social diversity, interculturality and active citizenship, as part of the Global skills needed to engage the United Nations Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The added presentation (ppt) offers images and concepts that can encorage creative debates and further inclusive practice at school


  • Country: Spain

Example of Implementation

This article can be part of a wider activity for engaging future teachers in plurilingualism, digital transformation, innovation, and inclusion. If used together with the ppt. presentation, it can help to generate debate, reflection, and purpose for a school team or a classroom.
A useful sequence:
a) Encourage the students to see the presentation individually
b) Ask them to work in teams to exchange ideas and to elaborate on a common summary (groups of 3-5).
c) Exchange the collective summary among different groups. 
d) Ask the groups to read the provided article, and to find differences between the PowerPoint presentation, the article, and the summary written by their colleagues or classmates. 
e) All together in class, share their comparison chart and analyze if the differences are:
- Different terminology or communication style
- Different pedagogical approaches
- Added information and new data
- Others... (indicate). 

[+] To know more: Visit the WFATE Web page. 
[+] Source:
Lorenzo, Neus (2021) Pluriculturalism, Enhancing Concepts and Meanings: Changing Mindsets.  Article and Presentation at: "Whom With, What For? Embracing Pluriculturalism in a Global Society", 14 Nov. 2021 Num. 2. (10-B), ZoomRoom 5. WFATE Sixth Biennial Conference. Houston, Texas (US).
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