iSelf measuring instrument

Ages: 9-18

Description of the practice

Previous research by a knowledge institute TNO shows that in today's society it is becoming increasingly important to continue to learn lifelong proactively and based on personal responsibility. The iSelf measuring instrument was devised with this approach. The tool is especially suitable for students in groups 7 and 8 in Primary education and the first two classes in Secondary education. With this tool, in addition to the cognitive development of students, want to offer appropriate personalized support to students in strengthening self-directed learning and the associated social competences.


  • Country: Netherlands

Example of Implementation

With the tool, schools can gain concrete insight into what children need to develop self-directed capacity. By answering statements, the student indicates to what extent he or she has mastered social competences. Moreover, it becomes clear how the student experiences the school. In addition, the student can indicate to what extent he or she needs support. The teacher also uses iSelf to map his observations for his students. The results are then displayed graphically.

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