Manual on Human Rights Education for Children - Compasito

Ages: 6-18

Description of the practice

Compasito is a collective European project for promoting inclusion, equity, and Human Rights among children.


  • Country: Spain

Example of Implementation

Compasito webpage offers theory and practice, with examples for primary and secondary education. In the Preface of this project, the authors explain:
"The ability to live together in a democracy does not come naturally. The knowledge, skills and values that
are the preconditions of living in a democracy should be learnt and nurtured throughout life. While key
concepts of democracy and human rights should be understood by children, values such as dignity, tolerance and respect for others, and skills such as cooperation, critical thinking and standing up for one’s
rights cannot be taught in traditional ways. They should be learnt through experience and practise, by
living and acting in a democratic environment and from the earliest possible age. This is what human
rights education is about and this is what ‘Compasito – manual on human rights education for children’ is for. "

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