Orientation and Tutorial Action Proposal. Strategies for the Action

Ages: 12-21

Description of the practice

The "Orientation and Tutorial Action Proposal. Strategies for the Action" resource aims to provide educational institutions and involved agents with a set of strategies and tutorial actions to support them on their task of preventing young people’s risk of early leaving in each one of their specific contexts. The strategies have been designed according to a previous diagnostic conducted in educational institutions of Spain, Portugal, Romania, Germany and The UK, in the framework of the Orieta4YEL Project, financed by the European Union.


  • Country: Spain

Example of Implementation

Nine secondary schools of Spain implemented different Orienta4YEL strategies, focusing on individual plans, mentoring, motivation activities, the establishment of links with the community and the environment, the orientation curriculum and the support for educational transitions.

The implementation of the strategies was monitored and a final evaluation was carried out to assess the impact. Both the students involved and the professional team (teachers, tutors, counsellors, etc.) who have implemented the strategy and/or strategies have participated in the final monitoring and evaluation process. The first results identify a positive impact on the reduction of the students' drop-out and levels of absenteeism.

For more information, visit the Orienta4YEL Project Website.
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