Using Serious Games for Inclusion in Adult Education: a Case Study

Ages: 18-99

Description of the practice

This is a peer-to-peer reviewed article that dscribes a case study of educational inclusion in Catalan prisons. It illustrates how a tripartite collaboration between schools, institutions, and enterprises can work to engage at-risk students around the SDGs and other global concerns.


  • Country: Spain

Example of Implementation

The project was presented as a virtual reality exploration of the planet Mars, in which negotiation, planning, and decision-making were necessary to achieve the goal.  The protagonists were young adult students at risk of exclusion,  engaged to collaborate, solve problems, and work toward gender equality.
The authors correlate the case study activities to several learning taxonomies and inclusive paradigms. They also propose the basis of an action-oriented framework for developing a smart pedagogy of digital transformation.

   1) Read the article to identify main concepts (such as "Serious Games", "SDG", "smart pedagogy").
   2) Try adapting this educational proposal to your own teaching environment, to determine how virtual reality and Serious Games could help to encourage better inclusion, communication, and equity.

Lorenzo, N.; Gallon, R. (2019) Integrating Education, Technology, and SGDs: A Three-Pronged Collaboration, In ATEE (2019) Innovations, Technologies and Research in Education,  Proceedings of ATEE Spring Conference, 2019. Latvijas Universitate.
[+] Full book available.
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