Words - A curriculum based assessment

Ages: 6-10

Description of the practice

This is a curriculum-based assessment of oral reading fluency. The assessment can be used to identify students who are having, or may have in the future, problems in reading due to decreased reading fluency. The resource is in Slovenian and includes instructions for administering the assessment and a list of words used in the assessment. The assessment can provide teachers with measurable data about current reading levels and progress made in reading fluency. It also allows teachers to identify students who may be struggling in reading early and take appropriate action to reduce the potential issues.


  • Country: Slovenia

Example of Implementation

At the beginning of second grade, teachers can use the resource to assess the early reading skills of all students in their class. They can then identify students with poorer reading performance, design additional reading activities for them, and then assess them regularly to monitor their progress, for example, every two weeks. The teacher assesses both reading speed and reading accuracy. Curriculum-based assessments are sensitive to short-term progress and allow teachers to gather timely information about student progress. They can also use this data to learn about the successes and appropriateness of their instructional practices and adjust them as necessary. The information collected can also be used to facilitate communication with other teachers and the parents of the students involved. 
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