ComConeixer, Catalan schools at The Knowledge Building International Project (KBIP)

Ages: 10-99

Description of the practice

ComConeixer is the Catalan version of the Knowledge Building International Project (KBIP). This knowledge building project has been running since 2005 between schools in several regions of the world including Québec, the United States, Hong Kong, Mexico, Colombia and Catalonia The ComConeixer school project follows the principles of Knowledge Building Theory developed by Carl Bereiter and Marlene Scardamalia for describing what a community of learners needs to accomplish in order to create knowledge.


  • Country: Spain

Example of Implementation

International Examples

The Knowledge Building theory addresses the need to educate all the students to explore reality with open and creative minds, and to collaborate internationally to understand how things function, why events happen and how we, humans, can help each other to develop a more sustainable environment and a more ethical society.

Different international examples of implementation of the Knowledge Building International projects can be seen in the official web of the project, and the theoretical basics of this methodology can be found on Wikipedia:
[+] KBIP Education Web
[+] Knowledge Building principles (Wikipedia)
[+] Knowledge Forum Platforms and Technology (Wikipedia

The Catalan ComConeixer project in the KBIP

Different Catalan School projects have been developed following the Knowledge Building Project principles, which are useful to facilitate conversation, debate, and agreement. The basic set of scaffolds identify and reflect on is:

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