Looking for Time and Place to Give Voice to Students in the Education Community

Ages: 18-99

Description of the practice

This article provides a case study with data evidence to show examples on how to help students participate in decision making. During the recent pandemic, schools have adapted by building an emerging digital community, but they have not generally asked students for input on how to develop it. Virtual networks that reflect human society for synchronous and asynchronous communication and coexistence between different educational sectors (Castells, 2014). Digital skills have become strategies that educational communities need to find time and space that allow the next generations of students to develop with responsibility and participatory citizenship.


  • Country: Spain

Example of Implementation

To give voice to students

The author Dra. Francesca Burriel provides in this article data evidence on the neglected role that students have in decision making at schools.  Students should be active participants in defining objectives, processes and assessment tools in order to have a richer ecosystem of family-school communication in education.

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